Zoom LeBron 4 (IV)

23’s a Lucky Number

With a 90 million-dollar contract with Nike, LeBron James swept in the new 2006-2007 playoff year with more amazing victories. The Cleveland Cavaliers, led by James, won their first sweep over the Washington Wizards with four straight victories. He set on to win more victories against the New Jersey Nets, advancing the team for the first time in fifteen years to the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Detroit Pistons, a victory which led them to play in the NBA Finals. Also, for the third time in a row, LeBron once again took part of the NBA All-Star game.

To be on par with the player’s outstanding performance, Nike released the Zoom LeBron 4 on the winter of 2006. With an “XXIII,” LeBron’s jersey number, designed on the front, this shoe once again captures the NBA star’s personality on-and-off the court. Like the rest of the Nike Zoom franchise, it still had the Zoom Air unit for comfortable wear and a carbon fiber shank for support. It had the general feel of a powerful and dominating shoe, just like how James was at court. Of course, it still retained the King James lion design — the tattoo LeBron has on right arm. The Zoom LeBron 4 also made use of foam technology to ensure perfect balance for the wearers and to make the shoe look nice and smooth under the court lights. Some of the available colorways are the white/Midnight Navy and the Black LeBrons.

Despite sporting a much heavier feel than previous Nike Air Zoom franchise shoes, the Zoom LeBron 4 is still a good pair for basketball players, and even for those who would want it for daily wear.

Zoom LeBron 2

Being Second Doesn’t Mean Being the Runner-Up

The Zoom LeBron 2 was the second shoe to be released in the Nike Zoom franchise, during the 2004-2005 NBA Season. This was the season when LeBron James first played in the NBA All-Star Game, where he recorded sixteen points, eight rebounds and six assists. LeBron was the youngest player in the entire history of the basketball league to become part of the All-NBA team. Being such a good year for the player, it was fitting that Nike released an amazing pair of shoes to go with him in the court.

Arguably the best LeBron shoes in the series, the Zoom LeBron 2 was superior to the Zoom LeBron 1 in terms of style, looks and performance in court. First released in November of 2004, the shoes still featured the Zoom Air unit, but now it was double-stacked underneath the whole shoe. Along with a stiffer sole, it boasted more support and a sturdier grip. Design-wise, it was also very eye-catching, with the LJ23 logo and the King James lion lasered in under an ankle strap.

The ankle strap could also be removed if the wearer wanted to show of the shoe design of the lion. The said lion is inspired from James LeBron’s tattoo on his right arm, which is a tattoo of a lion with a crown.

Out of the five colorways released by Nike, only first three were mid cut, and the last two were low cut. The first low cut was released on the spring of 2005, which were a huge hit, making it a new trend for summer wear. Despite being less lightweight than its predecessor, the Zoom LeBron 2 was still considered comfortable by the wearers, in and out of the court.

Zoom LeBron 6 MVP Edition

Most Valuable Player’s Shoes

We all know how talented LeBron James is. He’s made the Cleveland Cavaliers shine again singlehandedly. At a very young age, he already got into NBA, got a $90 million dollar contract with Nike, won Rookie of the Year, and continually improved in leaps and bounds with every game he played. So we can say that on his sixth season of playing basketball, he has earned the right to be named the Most Valuable Player in the 2008-2009 NBA playoffs.

To celebrate it all, Nike has made the exclusive Zoom LeBron 6 MVP Edition. No basketball shoe had ever sold out this fast-many collectors were extremely upset at how quickly the shoes had sold out, forcing Nike to produce more pairs for the customers. Seeing how the shoes were set apart from the previous Nike Zoom franchise, it was no wonder so many people wanted to buy it.

Colored white, black and metallic gold, the Zoom LeBron 6 MVP Edition is made of leather with sections made of premium gloss, with some gold accents. To make things extra special, a tab saying MVP can be found on the sides of the ankle. LeBron’s tattoos, particularly the King James lion and the Witness tattoo, were also used to design this limited edition shoe. In addition, a t-shirt to go along the shoe was made on a similar note, available in Nike retail stores. Presented on May of 2009, the Zoom LeBron 6 MVP Edition is one shoe LeBron fanatics should not have to live without. These shoes will most probably become a collectors’ item, if they haven’t already, with LeBron’s fame keeping it alive. So if you’re a true LeBron fan, you had better get one of these.