3 Reasons a Lebron James Heat Jersey Will Get You a Date

Now that it’s official that the “King” is heading to South Beach, there might be no bigger buzz about a sports jersey than a Lebron James heat jersey.

But what might be lost in all the hoopla is how that same jersey can help improve your love life.

Here are 3 reasons a Lebron James heat jersey will not only show off your appreciation for the King, but also ramp up your prospects for getting more/extra dates.

Romance Factor No.1: Breaking the Ice

Right now there’s no bigger topic in sports than Lebron James heading to Miami. So why not throw on a jersey that invites a bit of conversation

Always feel a little weird approaching girls? Well don’t worry…putting on a Lebron jersey will have girls talking to you to comment on the big move to South Beach. This can help break the ice…and maybe get you a phone number.

Tip: Don’t forget to say you’d like to see the girl in a no.23 jersey. Girls love compliments.

Romance Factor No.2: Making a Fashion Statement

There’s a reason girls look at a guy’s shoes before they think about dating him or not. It’s because shoes, and overall fashion sense, is a great way to judge whether a guy is hip, interesting, forward-thinking.

So instead of freaking over your shoes, show off your fashionable style with a Lebron jersey. No ugly Orlando Magic jerseys here. With red, white, and black this gear will go with any clothing combo you have.

Tip: Not sure what you’ll be wearing. Get all 3 colors for maximum options.

Romance Factor No.3: Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do

Bad guys. Girls just love them. (Just ask my high school girlfriend Jenny Miller.)

And after he made his decision to head to Miami there may be no more vilified athlete in the world than Lebron James. (Just check out ESPN radio for awhile and you’ll hear the hatred.)

So here’s your chance to align with the biggest villain in sports and show that you’re more Darth Vader than Luke Skywalker.

Tip: If you are trying to achieve a bad boy look then you will mos def want to purchase a black jersey. For one thing, black looks great. And for another it will give you an intimidating edge. Girl like edge. So now you know: grab a jersey, go to the clubs, and get some girls to fall in love with you.