Lebron James V Built For Performance

If you think that the Lebron James V is just a flashy footwear, then you better think again. It actually has a few tricks up its sleeves.

A major retool from its predecessor, the Zoome Lebron VI is equipped with a Phyposite endoskeleton structure. Nike has a knack for using technologically advanced and durable materials for their footwear and this is no different.

Phyposite is actually a combination of Phylon (more commonly known as EVA foam) and Foamposite (or liquid polyurethane). The result of this composition is a lightweight, flexible and durable material that can support your body weight, especially during abrupt movement. The phyposite bucket, which is also incorporated in the shoe acts like a vise grip that locks your foot in. And once you fasten the strap, you foot will lock into place no matter how sudden your movements are – the shoe will react with your movement.

This lockdown fit may be uncomfortable to some especially during the first few times they wear the Lebron James V, but eventually, they’ll get used to it. The high-cut design was utilized to get the maximum ankle support so that even when the wearer lands off-balanced after taking off, there only is a small chance that he’ll suffer from sprain.

Overall, this piece of sports equipment takes the game of the wearer to a whole new level: a sharp cut to the basket would not be a problem as the traction in the sole will make sure that the player twist and turn easily.

Lebron Soldier 1 – Built For Performance

The partnership between Lebron James and Nike has resulted to a signature sneaker collection that could rival that of Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans. Known for their modernistic design and maximum comfort and protection, the Lebron signature series makes use of cutting edge features that solidify its claim as one of the best basketball shoe collections ever to be created.

Being the perfectionist that he is, Lebron James is committed to improve on every facet of his game. Rightfully so, his signature collection is a reflection of his ever evolving game. The Lebron Soldier 1 is part of his collections.

James is known to be aggressive on both sides of the basketball court. And he needs his sneakers to be as tough as him. These shoes need to be built for performance. But it does not mean it will compromise on comfort. Such an uncomfortable shoe will only put a strain on the foot after long usage

One of the most distinct features of Lebron Soldier 1 is the large support strap. There is one on the upper and the other supports the back of the foot. Both these straps provide a lockdown fit as well as providing a stylish look that stays true to the LBJ trademark design. Despite its lockdown fit, this sneaker has an enhanced cushioning through its Zoom Air Units. Traction and flexibility is achieved through the solid rubber outsole.

Simply put, this signature shoe epitomizes Lebron’s power, resilience and toughness on the court. Its success has paved the way for two more editions under the Soldier Collection.