3 Reasons a Lebron James Heat Jersey Will Get You a Date

Now that it’s official that the “King” is heading to South Beach, there might be no bigger buzz about a sports jersey than a Lebron James heat jersey.

But what might be lost in all the hoopla is how that same jersey can help improve your love life.

Here are 3 reasons a Lebron James heat jersey will not only show off your appreciation for the King, but also ramp up your prospects for getting more/extra dates.

Romance Factor No.1: Breaking the Ice

Right now there’s no bigger topic in sports than Lebron James heading to Miami. So why not throw on a jersey that invites a bit of conversation

Always feel a little weird approaching girls? Well don’t worry…putting on a Lebron jersey will have girls talking to you to comment on the big move to South Beach. This can help break the ice…and maybe get you a phone number.

Tip: Don’t forget to say you’d like to see the girl in a no.23 jersey. Girls love compliments.

Romance Factor No.2: Making a Fashion Statement

There’s a reason girls look at a guy’s shoes before they think about dating him or not. It’s because shoes, and overall fashion sense, is a great way to judge whether a guy is hip, interesting, forward-thinking.

So instead of freaking over your shoes, show off your fashionable style with a Lebron jersey. No ugly Orlando Magic jerseys here. With red, white, and black this gear will go with any clothing combo you have.

Tip: Not sure what you’ll be wearing. Get all 3 colors for maximum options.

Romance Factor No.3: Bad Boys, What You Gonna Do

Bad guys. Girls just love them. (Just ask my high school girlfriend Jenny Miller.)

And after he made his decision to head to Miami there may be no more vilified athlete in the world than Lebron James. (Just check out ESPN radio for awhile and you’ll hear the hatred.)

So here’s your chance to align with the biggest villain in sports and show that you’re more Darth Vader than Luke Skywalker.

Tip: If you are trying to achieve a bad boy look then you will mos def want to purchase a black jersey. For one thing, black looks great. And for another it will give you an intimidating edge. Girl like edge. So now you know: grab a jersey, go to the clubs, and get some girls to fall in love with you.

LeBron 8 PS Finals Edition

Closing Out in Explosive Style

The Nike LeBron 8 shoes have continually evolved over the course of the season, almost following through the twists of LeBron James’ most interesting and controversial season yet. We have seen changes both superficial and structural. Multiple colorways have been released, providing a deep palette of colors for both ballers and collectors to choose from. In addition, there are 3 structural evolutions involving the LeBron 8.

First to come out was the V1, a shoe equipped with an Air Max 360 sole and Nike’s Flywire technology. Considered an evolution of the LeBron 7, this shoe provides ample support and comfort, even for the biggest ballers. The V2 then came out. Armed with a modified upper, the carbon fiber panels are removed from the shoe and the base is wrapped in even more lightweight synthetic material and Flywire, making this shoe lighter than the V1. Then the PS came out. Now a full 2.5 ounces lighter than the V1, the materials for this shoe were radically modified. Flywire was replaced with the same mesh-type material seen in the Hyperfuse, the sole was replaced with a unit composed of an Air Max 180 heel unit and a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot.

All kinds of modifications, and all kinds of colorways, were introduced during this tumultuous year in the career of LeBron. Now that he and his Miami Heat are in the NBA Finals, Nike has announced that they are releasing a special player edition (PE): the LeBron 8 PS Finals. This shoe, according to Nike, formally closes the book on the evolution of the LeBron 8 series.

The LeBron 8 PS Finals edition just might have the flashiest color combination among all the PS edition shoes, perhaps maybe of the entire LeBron 8 series altogether. The base of the shoe is colored red, apparently in homage to his team, the Miami Heat. And if the fiery base is not enough, a smattering of other Heat colors: white, yellow, and black, combine forces to form a scorching visage that will surely catch your attention, and then some. The placing of the subcolors work perfectly: the white tongue and lace, the black heel and sole, and the yellow lining of the swoosh, perfectly compliment the red base.

The LeBron 8 PS Finals edition debuted in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. And while the Heat eventually lost, this limited-edition shoe has carved a reputation for itself to sneakerheads. It had closed out the LeBron 8 series in a style so explosive, you just have to wonder about the value of this shoe had the Heat managed to win the NBA title.

LeBron James Does These Workouts to Jump Higher – Do You?

Conditioning your body to improve your basketball skills can be the most difficult part in any athlete’s training. Strength and quickness training can help improve your 3 point shooting, dribbling and passing, but the easiest aspect of your game to improve, is your jump height. Here are a few workouts that all of the pros use to increase their vertical leap height.

1. Hill Sprints! Find a hill around where you live that has a steady incline. The steeper the better for this workout. Start at the bottom and simply sprint as hard and as fast as to can. Keep the sprints limited to about 70 yards. Remember, with this workout, you are workout on quickness, not endurance. Do 6-8 hill sprints a day.

2. Core Workouts! Don’t forget that your abs play a tremendous role in balance and overall explosive power. every morning when you wake up, do sit up, crunches, and v-ups. These 3 workouts combined will strengthen both your upper and lower abs. This is also important for cutting fat! If you had to hold a 10 pound dumbbell when you jumped, you wouldn’t get as high as if you weren’t holding it. Core workouts will help you strip away that extra weight.

3. Bulgarian Split Dead-Lift! The name is complicated, the workout is simple! Get a pair of dumbbells at a weight that feels comfortable to you (I started with 25 lb each but within 3 weeks I had moved up to 95 lb dumbbells). Put a bench about 2 feet behind you. Stand with the dumbbells hanging to your sides. Step back with 1 foot ad place the top of your foot on the bench with the sole of your shoe toward the sky. Now you are ready to begin. Squat down on the 1 leg until your knee is at a 90 degree angle and press yourself back up. Do 10 Reps of this workout for each leg. Try to do at least 5 sets.