Lebron Soldier III

The Rebel in the LBJ Collection

Lebron James steps up his game come playoff time. And this is what inspired the Lebron Soldier III.

Of all the secondary designs in the Lebron James signature collection, this model is perhaps the most popular of them all. Why not? James’ aggressive style of play on both ends of the floor has left his opponents with much awe. And every time he plays, especially during the playoffs, he brings his A-game.

With all these in mind, the designers of the Lebron Soldier III created a basketball shoe whose sole is closer to the ground, making it extremely responsive. It is also one of the lightest in the long list of designs made by Nike. This was made possible through the light mesh upper, which is incorporated in the design for breathability.

The most notable feature of this shoe is the two synthetic leather straps above the mid-foot top. This provides a lockdown fit, aside from adding a stylish look. As always, Nike has utilized their Zoom Air units for the mid-sole to enhance cushioning while the unconventional solid rubber outsole replete with flex grooves provides outstanding traction and flexibility that can keep up with the feet’s natural motion. As always, an image of a lion is embossed on the back of the tongue, yet another one of Lebron’s trademark.

Just like the previous models from the collection, the Lebron Soldier III symbolizes the player and the man on and off court. James’ toughness, power and passion stand out, and these are what this shoe stands for.

Lebron 7 – Think Pink

The James Lebron 7 VII is an exclusive type of basketball sneaker that is special because there were two different models launched with this brand of Nike shoes. The think pink series is Lebron James own fight to make people aware that breast cancer is indeed a very serious disease and health concern for women of all ages.

One of the colors of the shoe models are pink and black and the other is white and pink. The white and pink color model sneaker contains a fly line technology all its own that drops out. The Nike Air Max LeBron VII also comes available in the black and red color way in addition, which is a Christmas version for the GS version as well.

The James Lebron 7 VII is a series of very strong and sturdy basketball shoes that come in different colors of red, white, and black. Some of the other additional colors are white, black, and red and white, red and black. Other colors do include black, white and gold, black, black and red, white, black and golden. The other two colors are black, white and green and black and red, white and white. There are also available in yellow, white and black and red, black and white, yellow, black and white and green, white and white. Full black is also available for those who just want one solid color alone without any other mixture of colors. This amazing basketball sneaker was released at the same time with his film which was titled “More Than a Game”.

What sets the James Lebron 7 VII apart from among the other shoes that are numbered is obvious and that is that has numerous varieties. These numerous varieties are in representation of the ten cities that were detailed in “More Than a Game” World Tour that were in America, Asia and Europe.

Each pair of specifically colored Nike sneakers has its own story to tell and one example of this is the pair that has the green and white. The green and white colors on this specific tennis shoe represent Washington DC to Lebron James and the essence of his youth as well. Another shoe referred to as the “China Moon” is white and gold in description. Its story is that it is a fine representation of the China Moon Festival in China. The James Lebron 7 VII also has a contemporary look that clearly defines Lebron James too.

Lebron 9 (IX) Is Just Around the Corner

Since the new NBA Season is just around the corner, shoe brands are now introducing the different signature shoe models that will be out in the near future. One of those is the soon to be released edition of Miami Heat superstar LeBron “King” James signature shoe line, the Nike Air Max LeBron 9. Nike has been producing this LeBron James line since he entered the league on 2003. Different models have been released and this will be the ninth edition for the LeBron signature shoe line. Fortunately, they have been successful with the line and no doubt that it is one of the higher selling lines worldwide.

For LeBron, a former Rookie of the Year, a gold medalist in the 2008 Olympics, and a two-time MVP of the NBA, Nike has come up again with a pair that suits his game of mixed finesse and power. For maximum comfort and lightweight design, LeBron 9 will come featuring the newly-designed fuse technology on the upper part, carbon fiber covering the rear part, Zoom Air on the forefoot and the 180-degree Air Max unit on the heel part. Completing the design is the traditional LeBron signature on the tongue and logos behind the shoe and on its sole.

It would be a plus if Nike includes extra white and red laces to give customers a variety of options to customize their pairs. With the design, the shoe looks very promising. It can cater guards who need to be quick and explosive to the basket, as well as forwards and centers who need to establish force underneath. Lebron is an all-around player that is why all his signature shoes are for all positions of the game.

There is no information yet on the date of release but rumors are circulating that it probably come out this coming October. The rumored color to be out first is the traditional Black/Varsity Red/White combination, also known as “breds”. This will be first of the many color ways to be released during the span of the upcoming NBA season, if ever the lockout will be lifted this year. This will probably be followed by a lighter colored model with a combination of White/Varsity Red/Black, still related to Miami Heat’s team colors of course. Design and materials used are almost the same as its predecessor except for a more lightweight look and feel compared to that of the LeBron 8 V1 and V2 versions. This new model will be composed of the same materials that were used in the last edition of the LeBron 8 line, LeBron 8 PS (Post Season). This will probably retail at around $175 to $190 price range.

There are no words yet on how many models and colors the Nike Air Max LeBron 9 would have. It would depend on how King James plays on the court and how the Miami Heat performs as a team. One thing is for sure, avid Nike customers would not pass on a smooth-looking pair like this.